digital marketing computer screen

We live in the Digital world and we do Marketing.

We see people behind the screens, graphs and data. We know these people are looking on-line for child care businesses like yours right now. But they need help to find you. We know what they want. We breathe life into our customers’ digital presence.

Why Magpie?

We chose the name Magpie because we liked the sound. And also, they look so cool!

Why does Magpie DM focus on child care marketing?

Surely every business would want its marketing consultant to specialize in their business. Child care is such a human and personal business. We like people and we especially like the people who work in childcare.

Welcome……Farewell. Repeat

It’s a funny old business: No matter how satisfied your customers are, in the end they’re still going to leave you. So your marketing can never take a holiday. Why are we here? That’s why.

We’re a resource for childcare centers

Independent centers often don’t have the time – or perhaps the expertise – to market themselves relentlessly and effectively. Plus, it can be expensive. Through our years of success in this field Magpie has  developed - and we continue to question and develop - a range of tailored, fresh, insightful, multi-front approaches to increase enrollment and create a waitlist. Results are fast, sustainable and very cost-effective.

We want to be the Marketing arm of your child care center. We want to shout out at every Digital corner about your efforts and the quality of your work. We want to use our skills to help your childcare business grow.
Who is Magpie?
Yulia Onosovskaya

Growing up in a Russian family of programmers, Yulia was able to turn on a computer by the age of 3 (which, at that time, wasn’t just a matter of pressing an “on” button). For a teenager who dedicated entire days to computer games like Doom or Tetris - for those who remember - she grew up to have broad interests: a Master’s Degree in Linguistics, a Level VI CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing, making her own kefir and being able to apply a Simpsons quote to address any of life’s questions. Yulia’s smartphone and PC plus all the wires and adaptors are always within arm’s reach and she has an unerring ability to sniff out free wi-fi anywhere around the globe. Her multiple languages, traveling, marketing and business management are for Yulia just different and exciting ways to meet and learn about people. This is what she loves about her job: understanding the people behind the statistics, seeing their reactions and decisions behind the screens and crafting inspired marketing solutions for the customers.

Allan Morrison

Arriving on this planet somewhere between the dinosaurs and computers, Allan saw the light when he started programming on his Apple ll. He sees technology as a gift that keeps on giving. Sparked perhaps by living in 5 countries before he was 21 he is comfortable anywhere, enjoys foods from everywhere, and has yet to find a people who don’t enjoy weeping with laughter. Hopefully not always at him. With wide success in both conventional business and building entrepreneurial enterprises Allan enjoys most the creating and building process - “getting there”. Working with Magpie customers, he looks for insightful, analytical and marketing-driven solutions: a blend of experience, ideas and technology.