See some of the projects we worked with in child care digital marketing and as a consulting agency for digital marketing in other spheres, and what our customer think of Magpie Digital Marketing and our work.

"Coccinella" child care center (IT)

"I think it was a great collaboration, especially for someone like me, or someone like my business partner... someone who understands online activities only up to a certain point. So, we had been limited to very basic things, like Facebook page that was managed almost like a personal profile. And the website... let's not talk about it. You couldn't call it a website really. Instead, now we have a perfectly respectable website. And our Facebook page is managed as it should be: all the photos show our logo, the kids that need to blurred are blurred, this things are important in our profession. The website is very clear and explains our philosophy and our projects very well. . This is also because we built it together, first on paper, and then online. And the content, I think, corresponds very well to our vision. For example, the bios of the staff, or our FAQ page… it very much reflects who we are. But then, when you see it for real, it’s all another world! Not because it wasn’t clear from the beginning what we would do, but because it is difficult to imagine, especially for a person who, let’s say, doesn’t understand the web very well. It had been impossible to find us on Google Search before. Now we are there, and the Facebook page is very visible too, and we are getting much more Likes than before. This is a huge change compared to the last year, actually. Now we have people on the waiting list who are waiting for our availability, so yeah, not bad!

Lisa Guarguaglini, Owner

E-learning 4 Lawyers (GB)

I have been a client of Magpie for a few months. During this time, I have formed a very positive view of their knowledge of the sector, professionalism and attention to detail. All in all, very impressive.

Alan M L Jones

"ScuttleBugs" child care center (CA)