Child care. It’s what you do and what you’re good at.

We do child care marketing and we get results.


Magpie DM is a Digital Marketing Agency focused on the child care business.

It’s what we do. We understand the Early Childhood Education business. We know what works.

child care marketing

We partner with you. We’re part of your team.

We don’t accept work from your local competitors.


With nearly half a decade of success behind us, we know the Early Childhood Education market.

We track everything and analyze it with you to help you increase enrollment.

Hold on to your money!

Magpie Digital Marketing strategies are low cost, designed and optimized to achieve a consistently high volume of enquiries from your target customer groups.

We wish a Kevin Costner “Build it and they will come” dream was all any child care center needed to be full. There is more to it but actively and skillfully managing your child care marketing will get you there. And quickly.

We have partnered with customers of different sizes both in the US and Europe and, with the owners, helped to rapidly fill their centers to capacity and with long waiting lists.

Turning your web presence into a strong revenue funnel and generator is something that centers have to do to compete. Effective brand management and sales lead generation lead to strong revenues and in turn profits. Our experience shows that only minor tweaks in the center operation, when allied with consistent digital marketing and messaging, resonates with targeted customer groups and attracts strong leads and in turn enrollments.

Ask us how!

It’s not magic. There is a well-tested path towards using your digital resources and possibilities to fill your center and build your waitlist. This means stronger revenues and also, with a waitlist, a more predictable business around which you can plan.

If you want to explore how Magpie Digital Marketing can help you develop a strong online presence for your new or existing childcare business, drop us a line! We will be happy to tell you more about our work and the success of our customers. We say our “customers” but after years of working together we’re all pretty much family!